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No hassle of placing orders daily, plan your week or month in advance by subscribing daily, alternatively or frequency based deliveries.


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We deliver all your items before 7 AM in the morning. Change the quantity or pause all deliveries for your vacation duration.

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The MostConvenient Way To
Order What You  Needs

Fresh milk home delivered everyday before 7:00 AM

From Ordering to checkout in just two clicks.Order till 11pm and delivery at your door the next morning by 7am along with Milk..It doesn't get much easier than this.

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Why Choose Us?

Makes sure that every product you get has been fully tested for purity and freshness.

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On-time every time Delivery

Daily delivery between
5 AM - 7 AM

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0 Adulteration & Preservative's

Just like the organic & nutritious milk we all grew up drinking in the good old days.

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No middle men.Adulteration fresh milk daily!

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Freshness you can trust

100% safe&unadulterated milk

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Lab-tested for Safety

An extra filter so that not even the minutest impurities can escape into your bottle.

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Easy to use(pause & resume anytime)

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